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I'm looking for recommendations for a great bassinet! I'm hoping to find one that is a good height for easy nighttime feedings and includes an incline sleeper. Any suggestions?

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I don't have any recommendations on a bassinet, but we used a family cradle with my son was very young (until he was 9 weeks) and then used a Fisher Price "Rock N Play" sleeper beside our bed until he was 5 months. I definitely recommend the Rock n Play sleeper. It was super convenient and he slept on an incline. I thought it might be difficult to move him to the crib afterward but it wasn't.

we used the arms reach co-sleeper and I really liked it. I was able to take a large beach towel and fold it up under the mattress to incline it when we needed it to be. They are spending but totally worth the money. We received ours as a gift so we got lucky

Thank you both! We ended up receiving the Rock N Play as a gift, so we're planning on trying that! If it doesn't suit our needs, we'll be using saved up Babies R Us gift cards to try the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper ;)

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