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I am a DONA International trained birth doula with certification pending.  Feel free to visit my website www.tuscaloosabirthdoula.com, or you can visit my Facebook page under Calming Guidance Doula Services to get more information. Every woman deserves a doula no matter where or how she chooses to give birth.  My aim is to draw upon my own experiences of giving birth to four children, as well as the formal training I have received, in order to assist the women of Tuscaloosa to have the most rewarding and satisfying birth experience that they can possibly have.  I firmly believe that just as each woman is unique, each birth experience will be unique because what is "right" for one woman may not work for another. Therefore, it is my job as a birth doula to be a calm and steady presence throughout pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, as well as to provide support, encouragement, and guidance in a nonjudgmental way.

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