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Hello everyone, I am looking for evening part time childcare. Two days a week. I heard of one center that was 24hrs 7days a week in Npt but her rates are a little steep! 

I would also need someone who can provide transportation to the center/home! 

Does anyone know where I can find something or someone else more reasonable? I don't mind it being in someones home. 

Thanks in advance! 

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I know this a late response to your childcare needs, but have you found anyone yet?


I. Hurst

It's okay, No I haven't, not anything that I'm happy with.


My name is Chamali, 34 old stay at home mother with 2 kids. I used to work with the university as a researcher before I quit two years ago. I have baby sat since then and I would love to help you with. I try to nourish kid's brain and the body using different activities all day long. Now it is the summer time and we will get plenty of out side time and walks.  I can give you the references of the parents that I worked with.

Please give me a call at 205 552 5103 if you are still looking.


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