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Are there any moms doing the color run on Sept 7th? Wasn't sure if we have a running or walking group that I wasn't aware of. :)

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Sorry, I'm just now seeing this. There were a couple of people who are tuscmoms who ran, myself included, but we didn't run together like last year. Did you end up running? I swear, I'm so sore still from Saturday's run!

Haha I didn't end up going and I haven't found any tusc mom jogging groups so I've just been jogging through riverwalk next to campus. Thanks for replying. Hope you had an awesome run!!

Have you joined the Tuscmoms facebook page? You might find some jogging partners on there!


Yea I put a post on there but it seems while tuscmoms keeps getting more members, the club activity was highest last year and not as much this year. No replies yet, but still hopeful :)

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