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If you delivered at Northport DCH, can you tell me about your experience? We'll be delivering our first child there in February, and would like to know what to expect! My doctor is Dr. Myers.


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We delivered tere 4 1/2 yrs ago and will be doing it again in October. We enjoyed our experience and had no complaints. My sister has also had 2 children delivered there in the lasst 5 yrs.

I delivered there in December 2006 and had a great experience!  The nurses and staff were great.  I did have one nurse try to push formula on me over night, even though I made clear I was breastfeeding, so do stand your ground if this is something you feel strongly about.  Everyone else was fabulous though, and the lactation consultant who visited was very nice as well.

Thanks for the advice!

Dr. Myers has delivered all 3 of my children at Northport DCH (in 2005, 2007 and 2010) and I was very pleased with the experience every time.  She is a skilled OB and surgeon and if I have more children, I hope she is my OB.  The Women's Center at Northport DCH is a great place to deliver.  

I delivered there in May 2010 and February 2012, and it was a great experience both times. The nurses and staff are awesome. You have a nurse with you during your entire labor, which is a good thing!

I delivered there in 11 and had a wonderful natural VBAC. We also have a LLL (breastfeeding support group) that meets every second Thursday at 10 at Covenant Presbyterian Church on Hargrove Street if you are interested. 

Thank you all so much! I'm feeling very confident that we made the right choice with all of your wonderful insight!

I will be having our first child in April at Northport.  This was so reassuring to read too!  Thanks!

We delivered there in Dec of 11 and had a wonderful experience!!!! I doctored with Smith and he was amazing! I LOVED my nurses except one but she got pulled from me pretty quick and I wrote about her in my hospital review. Other than her the rest were simply amazing! I had a great experience and if we have another and we are in Tuscaloosa I would go there again in a heartbeat! We moved here 1/2 way through my pregnancy and origianally planed to go to DCH never even saw a dr after 2 1/2 hours and we walked out - me in tears!!!! So we switched to Northport. Best decision.

I delivered my son there last Christmas Eve.  On some points, I had a few complaints that really lie in him being a holiday baby.  My nurses changed shifts every few hours, the doctor (Dr. Smith, I think, though my doctor was Myers) was noticeably irritated at having to be there, and lactation consultants were unavailable for me (therefore my son was given a bottle with formula when he wouldn't latch on, though I wanted to nurse).  However, my nurses were all very nice, and my son got a Christmas teddy bear.  The room was very comfortable and private, and I did receive the help I needed (with lactation) free of charge once they were open again.  The nurses also helped me keep my mother in law out of the room :) Overall, I think it was much better than the big DCH would have been, and I enjoyed my experience (as best any hospital visit :P)

I just moved here in November and I'm definitely nervous about delivering here. Where I am from I had seen two moms deliver at the hospital I used. It was a no brainer. This time not so much. The reviews are definitely helping me make my choice.

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