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We moved over a month ago which put my son in a new school this year. It's understandable that he would have some issues, right?

Well, let's start off with this:

1. My 9 yr old son has ADHD and takes medication. We are trying to figure out the right dosage every year (and sometimes in the middle of the year) because things change (i.e. weight, height, tolerance).

2. We are in a new location. He hasn't made any friends yet in the neighborhood and would prefer to stay indoors away from strangers.

3. He is attending a new school. The curriculum is SOOOOOO much different than how it was being taught at his old school. I know because I help him with his homework and it's confusing to me (4th grade math)

With just those 3 things alone he is having a difficult time at school keeping up. The 2nd day of school, his teacher sent a note home stating that he wasn't keeping up. I explained his situation and never got a response. The 4th day of school, I received another note stating that he's still not keeping up with the rest of his class. This past Thursday, 8th day of school, I received yet ANOTHER note stating that he is "Still not keeping up". 

Is it too much to ask that she give him a little more time to adjust? He just spent 4 yrs at the same school where he knew people, they understood his situation with ADHD, and the curriculum was taught the same way from year to year. H*ll, I accidentally threw away a test he brought home that was graded because it didn't come in a folder stating that it needed to be signed and returned like it did when he was at his old school. I thought since it was floating freely in his backpack that it was trash. He made a 93, btw. 

I'm not sure how to handle this situation since he's already had some pretty horrendous experiences with school in the past. 

Am I being unreasonable? 

Please tell me your thoughts. 

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I remember switching schools as a kid and it can be a big adjustment. Maybe meeting with his teacher after school to get on the same page might help out? Moving is difficult on everyone in the family. It took us 3 weeks just to get out of boxes when we moved from Florida to Tuscaloosa in August... So I can understand wanting a little time to get in the swing of things. My daughter is 11 months so i haven't had this situation come up but I don't think you're being unreasonable just hang in there! :)

Being a teacher myself, I do not think that you are being unreasonable.  They should not be sending notes home this early into the school year about that kind of stuff.  It takes kids time to adjust.  It is the teacher's fault, not yours if you threw away something that should have been signed and returned.  I think you need to go to the principal, since you have all ready have been to the teacher, and did not get a response.  If he is not keeping up, that means she is moving to fast or teaching things to fast.  As far as math goes, I would work things out the way you were taught, or how was taught last year.  I tell my kids that it does not matter how you get the answer, as long as they can show me/explain to me the answer.  Each child is different, and learns things differently.  It sounds to me like the teacher does not want to change what she is doing, or is more concerned with teaching to the test.  She should be following your son's IEP (if he has one) and is required to make accomodations for him in that situation.  I do not live in tuscaloosa anymore, but would be willing to do what i can to help you get things worked out.  I teach 4th and 5th grade, so I know what they should be doing.  

I received another note yesterday. This time she complains that my son isn't following directions when a substitute is in the classroom. Apparently she told the sub to make the kids write down the example of a math problem so that they would know how to answer the following questions and my son only wrote the answers to the questions. Well, if the answers are correct, then what's the problem?? Her only issue is that he didn't write down the example! Seriously, this woman is going to cause me to start drinking or rip out my hair. I signed her note to show that I read it and didn't respond back. I grounded my son from video games for the night and told him to follow directions when the teacher or sub tells you to do something. It has become nit-picking BS and I'm about ready to have him swapped to another class that understands how to handle a child with ADHD. This is ridiculous.

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