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Hey Everyone!

My family just relocated here from Reno, NV,but we are originally from Indiana.  I am a nurse (still looking for a job) and getting to know the area with my 15 month old.  I would love to get together for a play date or walk with some mommies.  I would love to chat and pick your brains about daycare, pediatricians, fun kid friendly things to do in the area, and what ever else I should know about Tuscaloosa.  Looking forward to hearing from ya and I'm pretty much available whenever to get together-how about a walk at the Riverwalk?  

Allison and Elyn

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Hi Allison!!!  Welcome to Tuscaloosa!  You are absolutely going to love it here. 

The doctor that my son and I used to go to is a family doctor and he is GREAT.  His practice is at West Alabama Family Practices.  Dr. Jeffrey Laubenthal is really great.  The only reason we are going anymore is because we are a military family and we are out of the state at the moment. 

The Children's Hands On Museum downtown is awesome as well.  Also you can check out the University of Alabama's Child Development Center / PALS for reading times as well. 

I don't know if they are still doing this or not but I know there used to be Kinder Music at the Moody Building on the University as well.

I know this may seem like a ton of info at the moment but there are lots of things to do in Tuscaloosa that are fun and family oriented.

Even though I am over 2,000 miles away I would still love to chat with you and become great friends as well.

Much success on your job hunting and making new friends as well.

Take Care,

Denise Berry

Thanks so much for the info!  Bummer that you aren't available for play dates.  I'll have to look into that MD.  I have applied at bruce petit's office and haven't heard back from them yet.  

I met a few moms at church over the weekend and that really is a start.  Just feeling more and more like a bama girl every day!

Yes.  Dr. Petit is good too.  That's the doctor my aunt uses for her twins.  I know it really is.  Maybe when we come home for visits we can get together.  Not sure if we are coming this summer yet or not but I will definitely let you know.

That's always a great start.  No complaints there.  That's always great!  Lol...

I'm originally from Alabama so out here in Cali, I hear it all the time.  Where are you from, you sound like a southern belle? 

Hi Allison and welcome!

My kids go to Dr. Pettit. Both he and Dr. Roberts in that practice are great.


I agree with Denise that CHOM is great to take the kids to and if you are looking for activities to do with your daughter, I also recommend the kindermusik classes through UA's community music school. Also, the Tuscaloosa County Public Library has a baby book time, which is at 10 a.m. I think on Wednesdays? You might check into that too!


We also have playdates on here once every couple of weeks. You might want to join the playdates group for more information on that.



Hello! We just moved here in August (from TN) and love it! I stay at home with our 2 yr old daughter, while our 4.5 yr old son goes to preschool.


I do lots of activities around town with my daughter and would love to meet up with you sometime. Riverwalk, playground, CHOM, or library time sounds good. (And Lydia is right, the library on Jack Warner Pkwy has a baby storytime from 10-1045 on Wed. It's great.)


Msg me if you want to get together next week!

thanks!  I"ll attend whenever the next playdate is and the story time sounds good although that is right during her naptime of course.  I'm loving all the info and feedback.  Thanks and I can't wait to meet you all!

If you want to join any of groups to get info on playdates....scroll to the top and click on GROUPS. It will list all the groups and pick the ones you want to join. 

Hey welcome to tuscaloosa its an awesome place to live hope you find it the same

Hi Allison and welcome to Tuscaloosa! We moved here in august and I am currently a stay at home mommy! I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 month old! Both lil boys. If you want to get together sometime at like a park or anything just shoot me a message we are free most days! Also I go to most playdates and even host a few. Welcome and I hope you enjoy Tuscaloosa!

Thanks I hope to meet you soon!  I joined the playdate group, so I'll definitely meet you there if not sooner!

Hello my name is Alyssa I have one little girl of three and a son of one I have also relocated to Tuscaloosa if you'd like to talk more or set up some play time my number is 205-863-8127
Hopefully we'll talk soon!

Hello Allison and Elyn

We have several young parents and children at Lakewood Baptist Church on Hwy 43 north from Northport.. may I invite your family to visit us soon?

Church # is 333-0414

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