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Anyone up for a Story & Cupcakes play date?
Barnes & Noble has a Saturday story time at 11:00 a.m. It's free.
Then we could walk over and check out that new cupcake place in Midtown Village - Gigi's Cupcakes.
It's a Saturday so dads can come too!
Anyone up for this?

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That sounds like fun! It will be smack dab in the middle of nap time, but nothing some cupcake icing can't fix.
On a Saturday?!! This is great! I've been wanting to come, but I work during the week. I would LOVE to come. I will try my best to be there with both my kiddies. :-)
Sounds like fun!

If I am not working,  I would love to come to this :) This sounds like so much fun, I know J. and N. would not last too long at the story time, but I guess that's what the Thomas the train table around the corner is for... ha ha! I will know soon if I am working..

Awesome! Let's set a date for it.

What Saturday works for everyone?

Any of them but the 12th for me. :)

I agree sounds fun.

any day but the 12th for me too. That is when Corwin turns the big 1.

But if that has to be the day we will catch the next one.

We go to to Story Time almost every Saturday, so maybe a trip to the cupcake store can follow too. We're in.
we will be out of town, but would love to join in on another saturday!!! always up for story time!
Sounds like fun!
How about Saturday Feb. 5?
The 5th is good.

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