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Summer ART CAMP for Kids!

O'Connor Art Studios

July 5- July 22 (3 week art camp)

Ages 6+ small group setting

Fun AND Educational

Sign up today!  Spaces are limited

Call (205) 396-9892 or email us at hello@oconnorartstudios.com

Register online at www.oconnorartstudios.com…


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Holy Spirit Catholic School Open House

Join us for Holy Spirit's Preschool and Elementary School Open House on Sunday, January 31,2016 from 12:15-1:30 pm  and again for our Middle/High School Open House on Wednesday, February 3 from 3:30-5:00 pm. Can't make Open House? Schedule a tour by calling 553-5606. Please visit our website at www.holyspirit-al.com to access our Facebook page, view our monthly school magazine and see what Holy Spirit is all about. 

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Did you know that you can get ART CLASSES for your homeschooled children in Tuscaloosa?  Last year, O'Connor Art Studios responded to the demand for families in need of help in this area.  Holding a masters degree in art education, Ruth O'Connor teaches art to children of all ages in a fun and interactive way.  

Art classes meet requirements for art credit at…


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Kindermusik at UA!

Fall Kindermusik classes with UA's Community Music School begin the week of August 24th! We offer classes for newborn to age 6 & we would love to have your little ones! Come sing, dance, & learn with us! You can register online at http://music.ua.edu/community-music-school or by calling the CMS office at 348-6741. For more information, email Jane at jweigel@ua.edu.

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THE MOM STOP: Raising children often requires learning to let go

As I ran alongside my daughter, helping her balance on her bike without training wheels, she squealed. The streamers on the handlebars rustled as she nervously steered, the front wheel shaking back and forth as she attempted to balance.

“I can do it!” my daughter proclaimed.

I knew she could, it was just a matter of me letting her.…


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Preschool Camp

Please sign up for All About Horses AM and/or Reader's Theatre for 2.5 year olds - 5 year olds at The Capitol School Preschool for only $5 an hour July 6th - July 17th. Camp is available from 8:00-12:00, 1:00-5:00, or all day. 

Here is a description of our Reader's Theatre Camp:

Reader's Theatre

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Summer Explorations 2015

Summer Explorations 2015 registration is open to all families.…


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Get a $5 Credit when you Join Poshmark! Code BEIHY

Closet Items

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Mark your calendar for local spring events leading up to Easter!

Around this time of year my kids yearn to be outside. Winter seemed to last longer than normal, and we’ve had seemingly endless days of rain recently, but my family is ready, and spring is finally here.

Luckily, between now and Easter a number of family friendly Easter egg hunts, fundraisers and free events will be held in the area. Check out our list, get involved — and get…


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MOM STOP: Time is worth more than any toy from Santa

With the Thanksgiving holiday wrapping up this weekend and the Christmas season gearing up in full swing, it’s easy to get consumed in the focus on material things.

When I was growing up, piling through the thick stack of newspaper ads with my mom while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was part of our family Thanksgiving tradition. I loved climbing in bed with her while the TV was on, circling the great deals we would get up for…


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MOM STOP: Kid are never too safe when it comes to water

As my 2-year-old son jumped off the diving board at swim class recently, I marveled at how his tiny feet kicked fervently from the depths below, how his eyes, closed tight, popped open as his head emerged from the water and he took a deep breath of air.

My children, probably like a lot of kids, are fearless when it comes to water. As a parent of preschoolers, that terrifies…


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MOM STOP: Routine is key when it comes to bedtime

It usually starts with a late night knock on the door.

My 2-year-old boy, in his footie pajamas and tousled blonde hair, peeks at me with his eyes adjusting to the hall light.

“I go potty,” he says.

We let him try, of course, but unfortunately it’s become a new tactic in a long list of…


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The Capitol School Nursery


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♥ Getting to Know Me ♥

Hi Darling!

My name is Char' Berry and I'm a military spouse, mother, and business woman.  Pretty simple and sweet right?!  If you keep reading you will gain a little more info about each one of those areas in my life. :)

I've been married to my wonderful hubby, Brent, for 6 years now and I've been knowing him since we were 5 years old.  Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that I've been married to someone that I've literally been knowing of my whole life.  Currently we are…


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Now Scheduling Appointments


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3D4D Ultrasound Studio Coming Soon to Tuscaloosa Area

******Coming Soon to the Tuscaloosa Area******* Moms, I am relocating my 3d4d ultrasound business , Wiggles & Giggles from the Pittsville, Maryland area to Tuscaloosa area very soon. I am original from Tuscaloosa & I am very excited to be back into the area. I am so excited to be able to come to my home town & provide such a wonderful service for the local moms in the Tuscaloosa area. Moms pass the word & let all your pregnant friends/family know I will be set up &…


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looking for childcare?

Hello! I'm new to Tuscaloosa. I'm 25. I'm looking to help a few moms out with childcare. I'm available full time. I can guarantee to be cheaper than daycare. I stay at home with my 10mo old. I can provide a loving and educational environment. I live in coaling. If you need any kind of childcare I'm your gal! Please let me know if interested.

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MOM STOP: Keep kids warm this winter

Growing up as a kid in north Alabama, if there was below-freezing weather, it usually meant snow.

At least once a year, my sister and I could count on a couple of days of snow. School would be canceled, the grocery stores ransacked of milk and bread — standard Alabama snow day. We’d spend hours sledding down the hill at the…


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THE MOM STOP: Parents must expect the unexpected

I have a nightly routine, something that probably a lot of parents do: About an hour after I put my children to sleep, I check on them.

I tuck them in, kiss them on the head. Sometimes I look at them in the glimmer of our hallway light, still amazed that I’m their mom. Other times, I sigh a sigh of relief that my little terrors…


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Need a Rental House ASAP

Hi Everyone! My husband is taking a position at the Alabama Museum of Nat. History very soon and so we are looking for a house to rent. We currently live in Florida and don't have any resources in the area and are trying to get to know more about it (via the internet). If you have any resources such as a realtor recommendations or know of anyone who has a place for rent, PLEASE let me know. We are having a very difficult time with this. Thank you so much and hope to meet a lot of you…


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